Lustful wives like to commit adultery

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Sofi Ryan has changed quite a bit during summer vacation. She went from nothing to hot and that got Zac Wild's full attention. The guy couldn't take his eyes off Sofi's breasts even though his girlfriend was sitting right next to him! Once Sofi releases those big tits, all bets are off! It's not long before Zac cums and Sofi is riding it with her juicy pink pussy! Zac's girlfriend wasn't too happy when she caught Sofi riding her man's cock like a cowboy on horseback. But it turned out that the whole class, including the professor, sided with the mischievous couple and they reprimanded the girl until she was kicked out of class! No one likes a gossip!

Lustful wives like to commit adultery
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 Actor: Sofi Ryan Zac Wild